About Us

About Saburai Consulting

Welcome to the next level of financial advisory services, where disruption is not just anticipated, it’s orchestrated.
Saburai Consulting is internationally recognised as being at the vanguard of financial innovation, where the merging of technology and finance disrupts and reshapes the business world. We are more than an advisory firm – we are strategic partners in driving the digital revolution of the financial services sector.
We champion the cause of digital disruption and strategic transformation. We help firms navigate the disruptive potential of digital, to unlock new opportunities, create unprecedented value, and redefine their competitive landscape.
Our team, led by Tony Moroney, is a dynamic blend of seasoned financial services experts, innovative technologists, and digital transformation strategists. We work closely with our clients to help them navigate the future, providing a comprehensive range of advisory services that span all facets of the financial services ecosystem.
Our approach is collaborative and proactive, turnings challenges into tangible opportunities for growth, and delivering tailor-made solutions that not only address your unique business needs but also propel you towards your strategic objectives.
Whether you’re an established financial institution evolving in the digital era, a disruptive FinTech start-up seeking to redefine the industry, or a company intent on revolutionising its business model through digital transformation, Saburai Consulting is your ideal partner for this journey.
Together, we will chart the future of financial services – a future shaped by the harmonious blend of traditional financial expertise, disruptive innovation, and digital transformation.

Expertise Matters

Expertise is the principle that Saburai Consulting was built upon when we launched the business back in 2009. Since then, our footprint has expanded across the globe, from Ireland and the UK to the Middle East, the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
We have partnered with numerous clients, guiding them through strategy formulation, business model innovation, and digital transformation. Our expert model enables us to quickly familiarise ourselves with your business and hit the ground running, bringing a unique blend of business acumen and consulting prowess to the table.
We ensure that our advice is both grounded and poised to harness future opportunities. We proactively engage with your team, building excitement around the shared vision and ensuring individual executives are committed to the journey. For us, change is not just about new processes or technologies, it is about people and their commitment to a vision.

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